Pulse Polarized Lens

Who has not listened to the classic question when shopping for sunglasses: Polarized or not polarized? And you keep that face of not knowing what they are talking about... Biodegradable recyclable eco-designed sunglasses protecting our eyes from external agents is essential. But let's go step by step.

How do polarized lenses work?

We constantly receive sunlight, which, due to its characteristics, vibrates in all directions, but when this light hits a horizontal surface, the light it contains is partially polarized until it becomes something annoying that we have all suffered: a reflection.

For this reason, glasses with polarized lenses have the peculiarity of filtering that light that the sun's lens receives from a specific direction that allows avoiding said reflection, since the usual thing is for the glasses to polarize vertically, creating a wall that blocks light trying to penetrate horizontally.

How do you polarize sunglasses?

Very simple. The polarization of a lens is achieved by adding a very thin sheet of glass.

Here are the 7 reasons why it is better to wear polarized glasses:

  1. They can be combined with other UV and visible light filters to give your eyes complete protection.
  2. They provide a vision without reflections, mainly those of horizontal light that are the most frequent.
  3. Greater clarity and better contrast of lights, which will make you have a perfect view of every moment.
  4. More natural color perception.
  5. They reduce visual fatigue, by avoiding glare, it allows your eyes to rest.
  6. Highly recommended for people with high sensitivity to light or photophobia. For everything mentioned above.
  7. You can apply the polarizing filter on prescription and even progressive lenses.

When is it necessary to wear a polarized lens?

Whenever you can as it will improve the quality of the image you see. Above all, it is especially important if you practice sports outdoors or when you drive, since they are situations where your attention has to be maximum, as well as the quality of your vision.

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