How to choose the perfect sunglasses for you?

How to choose the perfect sunglasses for you? Here we leave you the answer.

Sunglasses depending on the type of face.

Because we know that each face in its detail is unique, we know how important it is for you to choose the glasses that best suits your face, as long as it matches your aesthetic tastes, although this often does not match.

Round, square, elongated or oval face, small or large, the shape of your chin, the width between the ears or the relief of your cheekbones influence the final effect that you perceive - and others see - when you wear sunglasses. These are the things to keep in mind! From Pulse we are going to help you recognize the shape of your face and choose the glasses that best suit you.

We have all wanted to wear the same sunglasses that we have seen our idol, brother, friend ... but many times that type of glasses does not favor us.



This type of face is characterized by strong and marked features, with an angular jaw, the same width as the forehead. They are mainly seen on masculine, attractive faces, who like short hair and even shaved hair, but which glasses are perfect for square faces? A rounded frame will help you smooth the straight lines that dominate your face due to the aforementioned features, therefore, it is advisable to always avoid angular designs that excessively accentuate horizontality. The rounded, narrow or oval shapes achieve a visual balance from where the chin protrudes above all. Frames that are wider than the face are also recommended, as they can be fine-tuned slightly.



We turn to the antithesis, people with round faces have the following characteristics: the areas of the forehead and the jaw are slightly narrower than the part of the cheekbones, which gives a feeling of a circle. It tends to be a more childlike type of face that is well suited for toupee hair, bushy eyebrows, gradient beards, knobs ... in short, anything that gives them straight lines (always looking for the contrast with our face).

In these cases, it is best to run away from oversize models. The most flattering glasses for this type of face are those with a square frame, since they manage to dilute the curved lines that predominate, giving a more balanced effect. They lengthen the face and allow to have a harmoniously balanced overall image. Run away from small round glasses because they will make you a walking circle.



If you have the face in the shape of a rectangle, with a lot of distance between your forehead and the chin creating two large straight lines on the sides, be very careful with high toupees, since it gives the feeling that it lengthens your face more. A priori, the perfect thing for you would be long hair and a beard for a few days.

With regard to glasses, in this case the saying goes more is more, so the bigger the glasses, the better; They will already help us minimize the feeling of a long face.



If this is your face, you are in luck as it is considered the most balanced and in this way all sunglasses fit your features well. So choosing the perfect model depends more on your own tastes than on anything else.

To know if you are also balanced, measure the length of your face and the width at the ends, the difference should be more than five centimeters, with a sharp chin and little jaw.


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