Sunglasses Fashion Trends in the Green & Circular Economy

Fashion trends in the green economy

If you want to know the fashion trends in a green economy, you've come to the right place. Pulse won't just tell you the hottest trends, but the trends that won't affect the environment. Now if you don't know what is a green economy, let me tell you. The Green economy is reducing environmental risk.

Sunglasses Pulse Recyclable Green Circular Economy Biodegradable

Accessories are the basic part of fashion. And when we talk about style, how we can't talk about sunglasses? If we look back in history eyewear served as a fashionable symbol status. Once spectacles were the source of distinguish wealthy and fashionable from a lower class.  Though it’s a trend symbol too our eyes need protection from damaging light rays.

Pulse is an eyewear online store that creates fashionable sunglasses to give you a glam green-look. Pulse’s mission is to make the best, most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products to inspire, live and work for a livable tomorrow.

The high quality sunglasses that protects you and the environment are eco-designed in Alicante

High-quality sunglasses that help the planet. Guess how? Pulse eco-designed sunglasses. Pulse is manufacturing stylish eyewear that is both biodegradable throughout wood and recyclable thanks to the polycarbonate.

Sunglasses Pulse Recyclable Green Circular Economy Biodegradable

We are making eco-friendly eyewear in-store to give you greener options when it comes to sunglasses, meaning that you can protect your eyes and protect the planet at the same time.

Sunglasses Pulse Recyclable Green Circular Economy Biodegradable

After your cellphone charger and toothbrush, sunglasses are the widely used item that you’ll never forget before going on vacation. Elegance is also important, so fitting your sunglasses with your outfit is a must!

Some biodegradable and recyclable sunglasses like the Butterfly - bamboo Sunglasses - Pulse

Sunglasses Pulse Recyclable Green Circular Economy Biodegradable

Fashion in Budget!

Pulse provides you modern glasses that are “fashionable-affordable”. When you work with love, quality is easily found. Since eyewear has become the must-have accessory, Pulse manufactures a huge quantity of chic and modern sunglasses.

50 shades of sunshine!

Chic modern shades are a radical weapon, spotted on the faces of all walks of life. Do you think your sunglasses are dull and not going with the outfit? So it is time for you to check your next pair of trendy shades from Pulse.

Whatever look you want to have, there is eyewear for almost every look. No matter if you want to look sophisticated or funky. The right eyeglasses will help you shape how you are perceived.

Sunglasses Pulse Recyclable Green Circular Economy Biodegradable

There are different eyeglasses for different personalities and different occasions. Like shades for a serious businessman and a teenager would differ.

Eyeshades for serious business:

For a businessman, it’s preferable to wear a conservative frame shape and color.

  • Classic shapes like ovals, rectangle ,or almond
  • Colors like gray, black, silver brown

Eyeglasses for creative Fashion type:

A way to show your chic side is to wear classic frames in thicker and larger frames or vintage frame style. Funky-colored (multi-colored) are preferable.

Don't sacrifice sustainability for style! 

It is not the case that you simply must sacrifice style for sustainability. Pulse makes environmentally sound eyewear because we want to contribute to our planet’s sustainability. All of our sunglasses are made from eco-friendly materials while preserving high goggles quality, beautiful design and magnificent craftsmanship. Each pair is manufactured to be lightweight and comfortable, perfectly combining function and style. Pulse is promising eyewear that is 100% recyclable with low environmental impact. 

Author & Credits: Eman Shahid - 2021

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