How to make up your eyes if you wear sunglasses

If you are a makeup lover, you might face a problem when it comes to doing eye makeup when wearing glasses. You may have even skipped doing your eye makeup under the prediction that they won't be seen. But now this problem has been solved. Pulse has turned up the heat on the best sunglasses that will go with your makeup look. You will find the best sunglasses for women here!

Makeup for ladies who wear sunglasses is the same as makeup for daily wear but you do need to choose the best pair of latest sunglasses to look classy with makeup. We will tell you how to apply eye makeup with glasses. Pulse Sunglasses will be sure to amplifier your every look.

eye makeup with sunglasses

Choose eye-shadow wisely!

Do not make smoky eyes. It would be time to undertake something different. Glasses create a shadow in the eyes area. So you don’t want to form the eyes look darker. This does not mean you’ll only use colors that match your skin tone. Rather than choosing a dark blue, try a light blue instead.

Taught yourself how to contour

Since you’re wearing glasses, there are times when your glasses cast shadows on your eyes, the simplest thing that you just simply can do is to relax certain parts of your skin. Use lighter foundation within the skin surrounding your nose also under the eyes. This simple step can surely work but if you would like to require things into an entirely new level, you'll try bronzer on your cheekbones, side of the nose and top of the forehead.

Make your eyebrows

It is always best that you simply keep your brows clean. Additionally, you want to also confirm that the form of your brow matches the dimensions and elegance of your glasses. If you're wearing glasses with a bigger and bolder frame, you'll want to form your eyebrows more thinly and well-formed. On the opposite hand, a full and defined eyebrow will best suit glasses with thinner frames. Eye makeup for glasses wearers is an important thing.

 eye makeup for glasses wearers

Add a little shimmer on your lower lid

If there's one thing good about wearing glasses, it's the very fact that it makes your eyes look tons bigger than it really is. If you would like to form your eyes look more noticeable, the simplest thanks to doing so is to place some shimmering color on your lower lid. Through this easy step, you'll direct people to your lovely eyes. You will surely get compliments once you are doing this!

Blot your Eyeliner

Since your glasses have already done the work of creating your eyes look bigger, your only responsibility is to draw people’s attention to your eyes. This can be easily done by creating a little blot along your lower lid or upper lid.

Apply fresh mascara

Old, expired mascara can flake onto your glasses, which isn't an honest look. To keep this from happening, confirm your mascara is usually fresh! Never use mascara for over three months after it’s been opened, and choose a creamy, waterproof mascara to stop your lashes from sticking to your glasses.

Highlight your cheekbones

One more thing that you simply will love about wearing glasses is that it highlights various appealing parts of your face, just like the cheekbones. If you would like to form the cheekbones begin even more, you'll just easily apply either a light foundation or a highlighter. Apply this around the cheekbones and your face will look as thin as ever!

Choose the color of your frame wisely!

Make sure you don’t buy a color of sunglasses that don’t go with lipstick. Pulse has a vast variety of colorful sunglasses for girls and women. If you can afford to buy an extra pair of glasses (or two) that is in your favorite palette color, come to Pulse.

Wearing makeup with sunglasses can be a pain. Fortunately, with these makeup tips for glasses wearers, you don’t need to sacrifice fashion for function. Learning the way to use eye shadow, concealer, and setting powder properly can make all the difference. Finally, want to upgrade your look in time for the summer season? Top off your bold makeup look with a replacement pair of frames from the Pulse.

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