How does air conditioning affect the eye

When summer comes around, it means relaxing on the beachfront, wearing your favorite couple of sunglasses, and enjoying the great outdoors. However, when the heat increases in summer you need to cool down. While air conditioning provides you cooling effect but it causes eye infection.

Almost every person has experienced it in their lives for at least once. After a long-hectic flight, a hot midsummer’s day in the workplace, or a long train journey, your eyes start paining. They feel dry, are colored, burn and water. Above all, the cause is air-conditioning systems which run at full blast in summer. But it is not only the cooling braggart that causes inopportune evaporation of the tear film – dry air from the heating has an equivalent effect in winter. In both cases, lubricating eye drops are the products of options to restore lost dampness to the strained cornea and conjunctiva.

Why is a healthy tear film so important?

The tear film performs many important tasks to make sure that the attention functions fully. Above all, it supplies the cornea with oxygen and nutrients. It lubricates the cornea, the conjunctiva and therefore the insides of the eyelids to stay the structures smooth. In addition, it washes out foreign bodies and repels infections because of germ-killing substances. This can only be achieved, however, if the lacrimal fluid is replaced around 15 times per trice with the aid of blinking. Tear films protect the eyes infection cause.

If the air from the air-conditioned directly blows at your eyes, the tear film evaporates before it can be renewed. The results are clear. The red veins are noticeable, the cornea burns and irritate. And after that, your eyes will feel over-stressed or over-tired. Eyes can also swell.

Measure To-Do for dry eyes!

Following are the measures you can do to save your eyes.

Drink more fluids:

The ideal amount of fluid intake is around two liters, unsweetened tea or diluted fruit juices cover each day. Important: anyone who suffers from water retention should consume minor.  If you're uncertain, consult your doctor to seek out the foremost suitable quantity of liquid for you.

Limit your salt intake:

The white crystals cause water maintenance in tissue. There are hidden salts in ready-made meals so pay close attention. Our tip: use fresh herbs for cooking. These also supply beneficial vitamins for your eyes.

Improve your sleep cycle:

Try to sleep for at least 8 hours per day. Sleep deprivation harms the ability to concentrate, but also on the eyes and it causes eye infection

Use Eyewear:

If you are sitting in a room of air-conditioner, use sunglasses. Pulse is providing you classy sunglasses which you can wear everywhere. So when you wear sunglasses the air from the air conditioner will not blow directly into your eyes.

You can see How cool and chic this eyewear is! You can carry it with you anywhere you want to, no matter it an office or under the sky in the sunlight. It will give you a classy look.

Regulating your Air Conditioner:

Do not run your AC all the time. If you are not using it (sitting in a room) then turn it off. Running your AC constantly will always make it harder to maintain a healthy dampness level in your home, so turning it off can help dampness find its way back into your air.

Eyewear gives Protection!

Eyewear protects your eyes by acting as a barrier that reflects rays from an air conditioner. Aside from being a beach accessory, they protect your eyes from the dryness of eyes that is caused by an air conditioner.

If you are scared of wearing shades in a room or somewhere under the roof, then we have a piece of good news for you. You see pulse is offering you such cool shades, which you can carry anywhere with you. It will go with your dress color code and give you a classy look. And will surely save you from an eye infection.

Doctor consultation:

After following on measure if you are still having pain after three days take it seriously. Notwithstanding, the pain is escalating or there's a frame-up of pus in your eye, you should urgently consult an eye specialist.

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