What your eyes say about you

“Eyes chico, they never lie”

It is a famous saying, eyes tell a lot about your personality. You can’t hide your emotions through your eyes. The Eyes are the part of the body that is closest to your mind. We perceive everything around us through our eyes. And we decided to give you people a look into yourself just by going with the color of your eyes. Twinning with your eye color would be such a charming thing, isn’t it? Coloured lens glasses would do that amazing thing!

Pure Black:

Pure black eyes are one among the rarest to find. It's mostly a really dark shade of brown. In this case, you are a natural-born leader or a minimum of that's how people see you. You're mysterious, confident and intuitive. And guess what? To make your personality look more sober and decent we have your eye color e-wear. Pulse provides you the most beautiful coloured lens sunglasses i-e Black-Mamba article.


Brown eyes with brown glasses:

What a perfect combo!

Brown color represents the fun-loving fact of a person. It defines that you are easy-going, independent and love making new friends. So this summer turn up the heat with Pulse e-wear. The article Leopard of goes best with your brown eye color.


Blue e-wear you should try!

If you have blue eye color then it represents that you are Kind, smart, full of youth and life. This beautiful eye color is one of the most desirable eye colors. And you are considered to be brilliant. Pulse offers you a stylish pair of coloured lens sunglasses (Moon jellyfish) to twin with your eye color.


Grey (the color of the wolf):

If you have grey eye color then you put on a robust attitude, but are quite gentle and wise. You don't generally fool around, and take everything, from professional work to like and romance, very seriously.

If you have light grey eye color, then you would possibly need to work a touch harder in asserting yourself, and be a touch less on-guard all the time. Summer is coming! If there had been sunglasses during the Game of Thrones era, these would have certainly been Jon Snow's glasses. To twin with your eye color, we recommend you pulse e-wear named Wolf shades. This pair of sunglasses shows a dynamic and sports style with silver color that will make you look unique this summer.


What Green colored lens says about you?

Green eyes are a mixture or brown and blue. You are a genius and passionate about life. Full of life personality you have. Thus people are attracted towards you. With this chic personality you, definitely have a desire of looking attractive too, Pulse offers you colored lens glasses. You should try our BETTA article. This is the best accessory for cycling too.


Hazel colored lens:

A fascinating mixture of brown and grey, you're one among the elegant ones. You're optimistic, fun-loving and always ready for adventures. You tend to travel with the flow, adapt to situations easily and most frequently, get tired of the monotony. A courageous and brave heart, you're keen on to undertaking new things.

With this intellectual personality, you should wear something that makes you look decent. Pulse provides you the best coloured lens sunglasses. With your hazel eyes Blackbird article would go best!


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